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Hi everyone,

sorry for the summer break, Funeral of Hearts will come back in autumn (・⌒+)
Thank you for all your support through these months nevertheless.

Actually this past summer was really important to me as an artist, I practiced a lot of different things besides comic art and I feel I'm growing in confidence with digital painting. This doesn't mean I'm changing my drawing style for Foh, don't worry (。・_・。)/

What I'd like to improve now is my English writing skills, *sigh*... I have no problems reading long novel sagas or tecnichal essays but I can't write decent English as well no matter what... In the past three years I spent so little time in English/worldwide communities around the web that now I'm suffering consequences. I'm aware this way I can only offer poor written comic pages, but remember I'm glad whenever you point out a grammar/spelling mistake you found reading through my comics. I'll correct all of them at the end of the current chapter I'm publishing so if you don't bother too much I'll truly appreciate your help ; 3

have a nice day


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I'm a doujinka and fanart artist. I'm from Italy but spend my time in Japan.
My fandoms: videogames, doujinshi, seiyuu, vocaloid, utaite, webcomics, doujin stuff ~:heart:

| tumblr | youtube | smackjeeves | pixiv | blog (JAP) |

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※You can use my art outside dA without asking but please don't remove signature. (Obviously don't sell it)
※Please don't post FOH elsewhere (feature is ok).
※I'm not interested in collaborations (reason is I'm too busy).


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I got a chance to read your doujin not long ago. I must say WOW~ Seriously, you deserve tons more watchers! >:3
Keep up the great work, I love them!
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thanks for the tutorial and info, I really appreciate it, and keep continuing to do a great hob ^^
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You're welcome!
Thank you so much for supporting FOH (∩^ω^∩)
Azure-Lugia5 Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awww your welcome ^^ I may not be one to like reading but when it comes to manga that is fascinating like yours, I'm all for it ^^ Nice new pages btw
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Featured for the month! Can't wait for the next page on Funeral of Hearts! ^_^
Misteen Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much :heart:
I appreciate it a lot! New pages on the way X3
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YaY! Love the newest two pages, finally getting to see the two siblings battle! :D Plusle and Minun for the win! X3
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